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About Alonzo Adams

A lifetime entrepreneur and learner, Alonzo Adams is a leader.


A lifetime entrepreneur and learner, Alonzo Adams is a leader.

My purpose in life is to help people be the best version of themselves by growing and learning how to live a fulfilling and successful life.

When I see people who are indecisive and hesitant it’s because they don’t believe in themselves or their abilities. This is what holds most people back. Fear overtakes them and robs them of confidence. I help people calm the power to step outside of their comfort zone to make powerful decisions that are impactful.

Alonzo's Story

Alonzo started to develop his entrepreneurial skills at an early age. He pulled his red wagon and sold snacks and drinks to the neighborhood kids to make extra money.

At the age of 16, Alonzo increased his negotiating and selling skills by negotiating a deal to perform in one of the hottest night clubs in the area La Bash. As a teen Alonzo had various sales jobs. At 19, Alonzo worked for a commercial cleaning company learning commercial sales and management skills.

While working for the cleaning company he created a production company called Exploit Productions. Alonzo produced and recorded music for the artists he managed. He was also responsible for negotiating legal contracts for recording and performing.
At 22, Alonzo started his own cleaning company Busy Bee out of his one bedroom apartment with $100 and no connections. This fearless and relentless entrepreneur spent over 30 years building his cleaning company and growing it into one of the top Multi million dollar cleaning companies in the county.

Alonzo has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business leaders in many industries, serving on the mentorship chair for the Entrepreneurs and the President & Chairman of ARCSI a division of ISSA. Along the way, he received numerous awards and has been featured in leading publications and a guest on numerous Podcasts. Alonzo is a certified coach conquer (Automate Grow Sell) and HPS Grad (Heroic public speaking), the most substantial and complete speaker training in the world. He has been a guest panelist and keynote speaker at conventions and trade shows.

Alonzo provides coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs, executives and teams who want to improve their daily performance, focus, habits and discipline by implementing effective processes and controls. This systematic approach will create a business model that is scalable, profitable and sustainable.

I have had the pleasure of working with Alonzo through his leadership roles in our industry. He is a dynamic speaker and his energy and enthusiasm is infectious. When it comes to “thinking big”, he also follows the thoughts up with action and success.

Perry D Phillips, Jr, Founder of ARCSI and Serial Entrepreneur

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